Published Works

New Ogres2014 100

Ogres at Alcatraz Isle: A Cathy Pembroke Tale (Book 2)

Available on Amazon

The Fae are at it again! All over the world, deforestation has caused the barriers between world to breakdown. Now monsters are invading the city. Cathy Pembroke, a member of the Bay Area’s new Fae Enforcement Division, must deal with everything from trolls to fairies to goblins knocking up the local Circle K. Only this time, it’s much worse.  Ogres have taken over the popular tourist attraction at Alcatraz Isle, and worse, they’ve taken hostages. Cathy and her team must find a way to rescue the humans and the landmark. It’s their greatest challenge yet.

Newfairies2014 v1 100

Fairies at Fisherman’s Wharf: A Cathy Pembroke Tale (Book 1)

Available at Amazon

Cathy Pembroke just can’t seem to get a break. After having been assigned to a new task force in Oakland dealing with renegades from Fae, all she wants to do is enjoy a day shopping at Fisherman’s Wharf. Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow wherever she goes. When fairies invade Pier 39, Cathy must figure a way to deal with the pesky things without getting in trouble with the Fairy Creature Protection Agency.

Bonus story: “Captured” about a fairy captured by humans who must outwit them before they feed her to a hungry troll with treasure . . .

Landaran ebook final copy 200

Journey to Landaran: Book One of the Spirit Mage Saga: Aidah and her twin brother Tavish have always had a knack for getting into
trouble. From pie stealing and pranks to hunting for magical creatures, they
have always escaped notice in their tiny mountain village. Until now.

Aidah begins seeing visions through her brother’s eyes. He’s a
Firestarter, gifted with the Talent to control light and heat, destined to
become a Sun Mage in the great city of Landaran. But he doesn’t want to leave
without his sister. As storm clouds gather, Aidah dreams of a beautiful man, a
frightening man, calling to her.

She fears the truth. That she may be
developing a Talent of her own, one that will change their lives forever.
The power to read minds. To possess bodies. To travel inside dreams. In
the world of Ernid, Spirit is the ultimate power.

Nations will go to war over them.

Heart of the Witch: As an awkward scribe of nineteen, Zerrick should be courting ladies; or helping the Reverend, his father, in his endless tirades against magic. But a local girl has been accused of witchcraft, the mayor’s son is ill, and the town is clamoring to put all users of magic to the stake. He can’t tell them that he’s the one they’re hunting for.
Forced to flee, Zerrick searches to find out if his magic is a curse or a blessing. Beyond the colonial town a vast wilderness awaits, with mythical monsters, strange tattooed natives who worship the Goddess, and magic in every plant and tree. In a neighboring town he meets a young woman, Mira, who seeks to flee the harsh constraints of their society.
All they want is a place where they can live peacefully, but unrest is everywhere. The land itself is suffering as magic has grown more volatile and dark omens have appeared. Stranger still, Zerrick dreams of another woman calling to him, demanding to be freed. For Zerrick and Mira, the only way forward is following the call–into greater unknowns than they were ever prepared for.
the wish cover thumbnail
The Wish: A Paranormal Short Story Two Pack. Jodi is hopelessly in love with her best friend. It seems like a harmless thing to make a wish on a Japanese tablet. But it isn’t. Especially when Uzume, Japanese Goddess of Joy and Happiness is listening. Sometimes the price for joy can be too much.
Dreams and Constellations

Dreams and Constellations

Purple Irises: A Fantasy short story

Name of a King: Fantasy short story at Amazon

“Eight Minutes Before the End of the World” and bonus story, “The Emergence”

Judy Goodwin’s Page on Amazon

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