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Free this week! Epic fantasy, Journey To Landaran

For the first time, I’m offering Journey To Landaran for free download on Amazon!  December 3 to December 5:

Landaran ebook final copy 400


Aidah and her twin brother Tavish have always had a knack for getting into trouble. From pie stealing and pranks to hunting for magical creatures, they have always escaped notice in their tiny mountain village.

Until now.

Aidah begins seeing visions through her brother’s eyes. He’s a Firestarter, gifted with the Talent to control light and heat, destined to become a Sun Mage in the great city of Landaran. But he doesn’t want to leave without his sister. As storm clouds gather, Aidah dreams of a beautiful man, a frightening man, calling to her.

She fears the truth. That she may be developing a Talent of her own, one that will change their lives forever.

The power to read minds. To possess bodies. To travel inside dreams. In the world of Ernid, Spirit is the ultimate power.

Nations will go to war over them.


He saw a man, a man who was not running. The man was dressed for heavy winter travel with a waterskin and travel pouch across his chest, a long gray cloak, sturdy fur-lined boots and—Tavish gasped—a sword, an actual sword at his hip. The only men with weapons were the local militia, and they had spears and maces for the most part. The man carried a bucket but he walked slowly, not running as others were. He stood in the middle of the street, just down from Tavish. Too close.

As their eyes met, the dark-haired man sneered. “So there you are, my young fire Talent.”

Fear gripped Tavish’s body, but his mind raced. At any second the Storm Mage could call lightning to strike at him. He could disperse the heat but not the power of the shock; it would kill him. Tavish could also call fire from the hot embers of the temple, but doing so might cause the mage to strike. From where the militia had charged up the hillside to the treeline he heard shouts and the sounds of battle. There would be no help from them.

He wondered: did the fellow want him alive or dead?

The man walked up, boots crunching on black embers in the snow, dark eyes appraising him from beneath the hood of his gray cloak. The nostrils of his hawkish nose flared. “My name is Madhar. Give yourself up quietly, or I’ll destroy what’s left of your village.”

Ah, so he was wanted alive. Perhaps an attack would be possible, but he had to be careful. Meanwhile, the fire at the silo had been almost put out, and he could see his father and grandfather leading the greater part of the village over to put out the flames at the well. He hurried to put distance between himself and Madhar as the man tried to reach out for him.

“So what are you after? Stealing Talents for Innis or something? You may find me a little more than you can handle, mage.”

He prepared to engulf the two of them in flames, forming protection in his mind for his clothing. As he began to direct the heat, however, a loud voice rang out in his head, and an image flared of another building in flames. He gasped.

“Come here! The house is on fire! Come home and put out the flames and don’t let them capture you!”

It was Aidah, and the inferno was his own home! There was no time to play with this annoying Storm Mage. Aidah and Mother were in trouble.

He pulled, and as flames engulfed himself and the mage, he ran around Madhar towards where his father was shoveling slush on fire consuming the structure of the well. He moved quick enough that a small lightning bolt meant for him hit empty space, but the force of the impact sent him flying into his father’s arms. Behind him he could hear Madhar crying out with surprise and pain as he dove to escape the flames. With no fuel and with Tavish’s concentration broken by his fall, the flames disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tavish shot to his feet, ignoring curls of smoke wafting up from his clothing and the headache beginning to pound within his skull. “The house is on fire! Aidah sent a call for help, with her mind. And there’s an enemy ma—”

“Halt there! The Emperor wants you.” Madhar, his face covered with soot, staggered forward, sword drawn.

Blinking from the shock of the blast and Tavish’s flying entrance, Darrant stood and moved in front of Tavish, rattled but recovering quickly. He held up his shovel up like a weapon. “Who are you?”

“In the name of Innis, this town has been surrounded, and you are all now prisoners. Give up quietly or face my wrath.” A stroke of lightning lent power to the mage’s words, narrowly missing the mill up on the hillside by the creek.


Last day free! The Wish: a paranormal/supernatural love story

Well, this is it!  Last day to grab the short story pack, “The Wish” from Amazon for free. After this, I’ll see how the story is doing on Amazon. If I’m not seeing a lot of Kindle Unlimited downloads, I’ll likely open it up to other markets such as Barnes and Noble, Google, and iBooks.

the wish 200 x 300

Jodi is hopelessly in love with her best friend. It seems like a harmless thing to make a wish on a Japanese tablet. But it isn’t. Especially when Uzume, Japanese Goddess of Joy and Happiness is listening. Sometimes the price for joy can be too much.

Free on Amazon! The Wish: A Paranormal Kindle Short Read

Free today through Monday, August 25! You can grab my short story two pack, “The Wish” on Amazon. The Wish: A Paranormal Short Story Two Pack

the wish cover 350

Blurb:  Jodi is hopelessly in love with her best friend. It seems like a harmless thing to make a wish on a Japanese tablet. But it isn’t. Especially when Uzume, Japanese Goddess of Joy and Happiness is listening. Sometimes the price for joy can be too much.


Outside a cool breeze blew through the trees, but my skin felt hot to the touch. I kept trying to come up with an excuse—he probably didn’t realize just how offensive his comments were. But nothing could take away from the fact that he wasn’t right for her. Roger didn’t understand me, and he didn’t understand his fiancée either.

I clenched my fists until my short nails dug into my skin. The pain was a welcome distraction.

The sound of paper rustling caught my attention, and I turned to look at a massive Japanese maple tree with a dozen or two little white papers dangling from its branches. The prayer notes, I thought, recalling Tanya’s excitement about the tradition. I wondered if the little papers were from others attending her wedding, or if they were remnants of another ceremony or wedding. It didn’t really matter. Each little rustle, each little scrap swaying in the wind was a plea to a higher power, asking for help.

I found myself walking over to the little wooden table where pens and paper were neatly laid out and held down by smooth river rocks. The guests would probably do them while they waited for the ceremony to begin, but I would be busy tomorrow, helping Tanya into her wedding gown. So what if I filled out my prayer a day early? My need was urgent. If I got my wish, this wedding wouldn’t even be happening.

I took one of the small squares of paper and a thick felt pen—the type for writing calligraphy or kanji, I realized. My handwriting was never going to do this justice. What did I want, exactly? What was my wish?

I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. I knew what I wanted. The truth was I was afraid to ask for it. My hand shook a little as I wrote: “I wish my best friend would love me the way that I love her.” A simple wish. I wasn’t even wishing for something bad to happen to a certain lughead.

I held the scrap of paper gently, blowing on it to dry the ink. It was a silly wish. Why even bother to hang it up? And yet I found myself reaching for the red ribbon, pulling it through the punched hole in the paper and tying the knot. A gust of wind blew through the temple courtyard behind me, and I heard the rustling of leaves, and of the other wishes. They were almost done with the rehearsal. I needed to hurry.

I approached the tree, trying to decide whether to hang my wish among the branches already holding several dangling papers, or pick my own branch. It seemed like it would be better camouflage to group it with the others. What if Tanya started reading some of them? It wasn’t signed, but I worried she might recognize my handwriting.

I compromised by picking my own branch just to the side of where the other wishes were hung. I felt silly as I tied the knot, leaving my paper wish dangling. Fog rolled into the coastline and the air grew chilly. The little paper spun round and round in the breeze, words flashing at me, love … love …

Last day free!


Witch banner for post

Well it’s been a good promotion. Last day today to get epic fantasy Heart of the Witch for free on Amazon:

Total downloaded as of this morning: 4800 total in every worldwide Amazon marketplace except Mexico. (Over a hundred downloads in Germany, which impressed me).

Thanks to everyone for their support!  I’ve already received a new five star rating out of this, so I think overall this has been a successful promotion.

Summer freebie! Heart of the Witch, an epic fantasy

It’s summer, it’s about 110 degrees outside (I’m in Arizona) and it’s time to offer up some free reads. For the next five days you can get my 4.6 star-rated epic fantasy, Heart of the Witch for free at Amazon!

Witch cover ebook 2014 250

As an awkward scribe of nineteen, Zerrick should be courting ladies; or helping the Reverend, his father, in his endless tirades against magic. But a local girl has been accused of witchcraft, the mayor’s son is ill, and the town is clamoring to put all users of magic to the stake. He can’t tell them that he’s the one they’re hunting for.

Forced to flee, Zerrick searches to find out if his magic is a curse or a blessing. Beyond the colonial town a vast wilderness awaits, with mythical monsters, strange tattooed natives who worship the Goddess, and magic in every plant and tree. In a neighboring town he meets a young woman, Mira, who seeks to flee the harsh constraints of their society.

All they want is a place where they can live peacefully, but unrest is everywhere. The land itself is suffering as magic has grown more volatile and dark omens have appeared. Stranger still, Zerrick dreams of another woman calling to him, demanding to be freed. For Zerrick and Mira, the only way forward is following the call–into greater unknowns than they were ever prepared for.

A couple annoucements: Free downloads for review!

I have two announcements today. First, from now until April 25, you can sign up at Story Cartel for a FREE download of my YA fantasy novel Journey To Landaran in exchange of an honest review. I’m trying to garner more reviews for Amazon which will open up more doors to promote the book. The link is here:

And second, I’ve entered the book into the Indie Excellence Awards!  Here’s hoping it does well.


Book Review: Collapse, by Richard Stephenson


Title:  Collapse

Author: Richard Stephenson

Publisher: Amazon Digital

Genre: Thriller, Disaster, Dystopian

My rating: 2.5 out of 5

I liked most of this book. In fact if the book had included a climax with a decent hook at the end, I probably would have given it more stars–at least three, and maybe even four. The writing was okay–not Faulkner, but it got the job done. My problem, however, was the ending.

First I want to premise this by saying I LOVE disaster films. I don’t care how outlandish, how unscientific the situation. Give me the asteroid hitting the earth while a new ice age is starting and there’s a volcano in Los Angeles. I like to see how people react when the world goes to hell. I also enjoy dystopian fiction, which I’ve reviewed before on this blog. I like thrillers with lots of action.

The first three-quarters of this book, I had all that. Basically there were four different story lines going on including a billionaire recluse with the world’s first AI computer, a sheriff in Texas about to be hit by the mother of all hurricanes, and an inmate in California about to be hit by a giant wildfire. Throw the president and an imminent war with Iran and nuclear detonations in the atmosphere to cause an EMP and you’ve got plenty of disaster. I like how the four stories narrowed to three and then converged into one at the end. (an expected outcome).

But then the writer got lazy.

A thriller by definition aims to thrill. One of the biggest letdowns, unfortunately, is when a thriller doesn’t deliver. You can have nonstop action throughout a book or movie, but if you skip or just plain put off the big bad climax at the end, it’s kind of like a big air balloon that you just suddenly let all the air out of. All the big exciting stuff in this book happened midway. Then the remainder of the book was pretty much just preparation for an upcoming fight . . . which won’t happen until next book.

Boo. I don’t plan on reading it, because what if the next book does the same thing?

This is a self-published book, and it’s a debut book, so I get it, the writer is still learning. Lesson #1:  don’t ever cheat your reader out of a big bang finish. I don’t care how many chases, shootings, fires, hurricanes, etc. you have. There should be at least a good confrontation with the enemy at the end. The good guys don’t have to win (and shouldn’t if there’s a sequel). But at least have that confrontation!

So yeah. 2.5 stars.