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Review: The Jakarta Pandemic

Title: The Jakarta Pandemic

Author: Steven Konkoly

Publisher: Stribling Media

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic / Prepper

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Yes, I still love a good dystopian, end of the world, prepper-influenced disaster book. And this one had all the right stuff. A global pandemic, crazy neighbors, and a hero fighting to save his family.

It had other common elements as well, such as how to keep a well-stocked house and be prepared for the worst. Unlike some of the other apocalyptic books out there, the family actually manages to stay in their home for the entire book, which I found refreshing. While there were the obligatory baddies with guns, I think this book made them more believable than many.

Another neat feature about the book is that the main character, Alex, actually works for a pharmaceutical company, one that tries to profit from the disaster. There’s a lot of in depth information about viruses, which I enjoyed, including how it spreads across the globe.

Alex isn’t a perfect character, which is another thing I liked about this book. His wife teaches him a thing or two, and even his kids surprise him.

I’d rate this as one of the best prepper books I’ve found, in fact. A must read if you like pandemic tales.