Countdown Sale Today through Sunday! Heart of the Witch

Okay, NOW the book is up for sale! Now through Sunday, grab the epic fantasy novel Heart of the Witch for just $0.99 on Amazon.

Witch cover ebook 2014 250

Zerrick’s fears are closing in on him. As an awkward scribe of nineteen, he should be courting ladies, or helping his father, the Reverend, in his endless tirades against magic. But a local girl has been accused of witchcraft. The mayor’s son is ill. And the town is clamoring to put all users of magic to the stake. He can’t tell them that he’s the one they’re hunting for.

Beyond the colonial town, a vast wilderness awaits, with strange tattooed natives who worship the Goddess, mythical monsters, and magic in every plant and tree. Forced to flee, Zerrick searches to find out if his magic is a curse or a blessing. He meets a young woman, Mira, who seeks to flee the harsh constraints of their society as well.

All they want is a place where they can live peacefully, but magic has grown more volatile and dark omens have appeared. For Zerrick and Mira, the only way forward is following a strange call from Zerrick’s dreams, into greater unknowns than they were ever prepared for.

2 responses to “Countdown Sale Today through Sunday! Heart of the Witch

  1. I am interested because while most stories are about dragons get stabbed, your cover indicates the dragon might get stabbed AND shot. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

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