Back! Sort of.

Ugh, what a month it’s been!  I didn’t really make much of an announcement, but I’ve been away since late March due to surgery. I had a painful arch condition which I had to get fixed, and then I was basically homebound (and even chair-bound in the beginning) and on paid meds. So no, didn’t get any writing done last month.

But I’m recovering now. And slowly trying to get back into the groove of things.  I wrote the first words on the second Spirit Mage book that I have in a month. The book is currently 57,000 words long, so I’m about halfway through it. Last month I published Ogres At Alcatraz Isle, and this month there will be a sale on this title as well. I also plan on releasing a science fiction short story two-pack in a couple of months.

So yes, I’m still here!  Just writing, or trying to.

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