Release Day! Ogres At Alcatraz Isle

Today’s the day!  My short story, “Ogres At Alcatraz Isle,” sequel to “Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf” is available on Amazon. It will be available exclusively on Amazon for the next 90 days (free to Amazon Prime members). Then I’ll publish it everywhere else.  This is a fun urban fantasy suitable for ages 12 and up.


New Ogres2014 v1 400


The Fae are at it again! All over the world, deforestation has caused the barriers between world to breakdown. Now monsters are invading the city. Cathy Pembroke, a member of the Bay Area’s new Fae Enforcement Division, must deal with everything from trolls to fairies to goblins knocking up the local Circle K. Only this time, it’s much worse.

Ogres have taken over the popular tourist attraction at Alcatraz Isle, and worse, they’ve taken hostages. Cathy and her team must find a way to rescue the humans and the landmark. It’s their greatest challenge yet.


“One, two, three—Go!” Cathy ordered, holding her end of the garbage bin as they charged the door. The smell of rotten apple, cigarettes, and something indescribable assailed her nostrils but she plowed forward, until the front of the bin struck the door. They managed to force whatever was holding it back a foot or so, but no more. Grimacing, Cathy set down the bin and wiped sticky soda off her hands. She studied the opening. “I can get through that.”

The sound of gunfire echoed from inside the prison. No time to waste.

Cathy turned herself sideways to squeeze through, even as Ortega, Roscoe and Denton shoved at the door, trying to get it just a little more open. She managed to get her top half through but her butt told her she’d been eating too many Krispy Kremes lately. She screamed in frustration.

As she tried to wiggle and squirm her way in, Cathy saw beyond the table blocking the door the main sally port and the entrance to the cell blocks. She blinked as a large figure appeared behind the gated area and opened the cell block door, slamming it behind. The ogre! She wiggled harder, huffing and puffing. Fine thing for him to slice off her head while she was stuck here!

He noticed her and grinned, drawing his blade again. “Push!” she yelled at her teammates, and with a terrific shove, she managed to squeeze through. The sound of buttons popping alerted her that she’d probably have a few items of clothing to replace. As soon as she was clear of the table she drew her sword, just in time to deflect a mighty swing. The blade clanged off the wall, sending off sparks. Fegruk grinned at her, flashing his fangs.

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