Available for Pre-Order, out March 19!

New Ogres2014 v1 400

I’m proud to announce that the 2nd Cathy Pembroke Tale, “Ogres At Alcatraz Isle,” is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/Ogres-Alcatraz-Cathy-Pembroke-Tales-ebook/dp/B00UMESDNA/

This was actually first intended to be the third installment of the Cathy Pembroke Tales, but I decided to pull down the original tale, “Trolls Under Golden Gate Bridge.” This one was a very short story at only about 3500 words which was originally published in the Once Upon A Time magazine several years ago. The new tales are still short but longer than that one–“Ogres” runs at about 9000 words.


The Fae are at it again! All over the world, deforestation has caused the barriers between world to breakdown. Now monsters are invading the city. Cathy Pembroke, a member of the Bay Area’s new Fae Enforcement Division, must deal with everything from trolls to fairies to goblins knocking up the local Circle K. Only this time, it’s much worse.

Ogres have taken over the popular tourist attraction at Alcatraz Isle, and worse, they’ve taken hostages. Cathy and her team must find a way to rescue the humans and the landmark. It’s their greatest challenge yet.

(Please note that it is not necessary to have read “Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf” first, but it is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and a ton of other places for only 99 cents!)

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