Preview of new covers, new releases!

Okay, I’m back!  A couple of announcements today.  First, I will be publishing the next installment of my Cathy Pembroke tales soon. In celebration of this, I had new covers made for the previous installment, “Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf.”  Check out the new pretty! Along with the now fully branded cover for the next one, “Ogres At Alcatraz Isle.”

Newfairies2014 v1 400  New Ogres2014 v1 400

Now here’s the sad news. I’m going to take down the original Cathy Pembroke tale, “A Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge.” This was a very short story I wrote fifteen years ago (yikes), and I just don’t think it’s good enough to keep out there any longer. I and my writing have grown a lot since then. I may offer it as a freebie in the future for newsletter subscribers, but that’s about it. So if you never downloaded this one, this weekend is your last chance!  It never did go permafree at Amazon so I’ll take that one down today.

It’s still available for free on Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks.  Here’s the Smashwords link:

And Barnes and Noble:

I’ll take those down on Monday.  Enjoy!

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