Writing goals for 2015

I posted a few weeks ago about meeting my 2014 word goal early, and that much of that writing was in another pen name. So I won’t really go over specific projects. However, I like to post my overall goal in this blog each year, so I will make that statement.

In 2011 I probably wrote about 50,000 words or so. Much of that was in fanfiction.

In 2012, I wrote about 78,000. Most of this was in short stories and Journey To Landaran.

In 2013, I wrote 96,000.

And in 2014, I wrote 146,773 words of NEW writing, for books, novellas, and short stories. That word count does not include edits, blog entries, or anything else. It’s my best year ever.  My goal was 125,000.

So what’s my goal for 2015?  I think I can make 150,000 words. I find that the more I write, the easier it is to write more. Writing creatively is like running–it uses “muscles” which must be trained and honed to be able to produce more. I started with very modest daily goals, and now I’m writing between 750 to 1000 words per day. I’m going to make it a goal in 2015 to have as many 1000 word days as possible.

I also want to finish the next Spirit Mage book, which right now is at 44,000 words. The first book ended up at 118,000 so that’s about where I expect the second to be. I started writing this book a year ago. For some reason, my epic fantasy novels are just harder to write, and I take longer. Fear not! It will be written, and then published.

I’m also going to be publishing the next installment of the Cathy Pembroke series of short stories, “Ogres At Alcatraz Isle.” This will come with a new cover, and I also have a new cover for my tale “Fairies at Fisherman’s Wharf.” I plan on taking down some of my older stories including “A Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge” so if you want it, now’s the time to get it. In addition, I have a couple science fiction tales that I’ll be publishing as a two-pack.

We’ll see what else 2015 brings.


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