Now in Kindle Unlimited! Dreams and Constellations

I’ve been playing around with Amazon’s new “Kindle Unlimited.” When it first started, I got a ton of downloads for my two novels that are in the Kindle Select program (meaning they are exclusive to Amazon). Since then, however, the Kindle Unlimited (KU) borrows have dropped away, and the payments for UK have fallen from a starting number of about $1.80 to about $1.39. That’s just not worth it.

However, it may be worthwhile to have shorter fiction participating in the program. Next year I plan to publish the next Cathy Pembroke tale, entitled “Ogres on Alcatraz Isle.” I’m going to take the first tale down permanently (“A Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge” because that story is so much shorter and older than everything else I have out now. I have a new cover for the second tale, “Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf.”  And I’ll probably enroll both that and the third tale in KU.

In the meantime, I’m putting another short story into KU for the next 90 days to try it out. I’ll do some kind of a promotion for my paranormal fiction, “Dreams and Constellations” in January, but I’m not sure when. Right now, you can get borrow it for free if you are a KU subscriber!

Link here:


By day, Iona Mendoza is a college student at the University of Arizona, studying psychology and trying to avoid Justin Tabers, an annoying fellow student. By night, however, she is the daughter of a Mayan priest, being forced to marry against her will before the neighboring kingdom attacks her city. As the danger escalates, Iona begins to encounter issues in her real life–or are the dreams more real?

She must figure out the mystery before war comes to her dreams and possibly takes away both her futures.


Dreams copy small

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