Feeling Basically Blasé


I’ve been in kind of a funk lately, when it comes to my fantasy and science fiction writing. That’s not to say that I’m not writing at all; in fact, I’m writing more now than ever before. I just happen to be writing under a different pen name in a completely different genre (romance). I eke out about 200 words a day on the sequel to Journey To Landaran, but I know that’s pretty pathetic. And yet I can’t seem to make myself go faster.

I write my fantasy novels very, very slowly. I always have. It took me five years to write Heart of the Witch. It took me a similar time to write Journey To Landaran. (Actually it was longer, but I also took a few years off while raising a small child on my own.)

And up until about June I continued to write shorter pieces as well, like the next installment of Cathy Pembroke, Ogres At Alcatraz Isle. That one is currently submitted to Tor.com, but I don’t really have high hopes for it. I feel kind of like a failure in what was originally my first love, fantasy.

This may change, of course. There’s some icky stuff going on in my personal life that isn’t helping, and my daughter is still struggling daily with depression and having the courage to be herself. I may get a little quiet on this blog in the meantime. I’ve scheduled some free days for Journey To Landaran next week, Dec. 3-5, mostly because it’s the end of the time that I plan to have the book in Kindle Select. Then I’m opening it up for distribution everywhere in ebook form.

I have two projects to publish for next year, both short. I’ll slowly keep writing Fall of the Guardians so that people can continue to follow Aidah and Tavish’s journey.

And I’ll just hope and pray for a brighter tomorrow.

4 responses to “Feeling Basically Blasé

  1. My writing has slowed down too, but mostly due to work (my ‘regular’ jobs). Hang in there and keep pressing on!

    • lol yeah, that doesn’t help either. But that’s a factor that hasn’t changed. I’m sole breadwinner, so unless I do REALLY well with my books, I’ll be working for a long time.

  2. whats your pen name for the romance books?

    • I’d rather not say–it’s not only romance, but LGBT and erotica, and I don’t want my YA readership crossing over. If you’re still interested, you can email me at judygoodwin @ diamondprintpress.com

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