Author Interview: M. A. Niles

Yeah, I know, I’ve been a little quieter than usual lately. Never fear; I’ve been busy writing. Meanwhile, it’s Thursday! Today I have fantasy writer M.A. Niles, here to talk about her series and the writer experience. You can find out more about M.A. Niles on Amazon here:


1. So what made you decide you wanted to write?

–I always loved stories and wanted to tell my own, especially when I’d go into the bookstores and not find anything that really intrigued me enough to pick it up. I started writing so I could experience the kinds of stories I wanted to read but that weren’t available at that time. I just have never figured out how to stop writing, even when I find stories I like by other authors.

2.  Who were the greatest influencers for you growing up?

–I grew up on ST:TOS and ST:TNG, Doctor Who (classic), Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and a variety of books, most of them written by Walter Farley and Marguerite Henry. Growing up, I mostly was into science fiction or horses. It wasn’t until I was in college that I really started liking fantasy more.

3.  I understand you have a fantasy series out. Tell me about that.

–I have two fantasy series. One is the Legend of the White Dragon, which is one HUGE story told in five books, each with their own contained stories but pieces of the overall story. That one is a story about the prophesied return of a legendary white dragon meant to save the world who was killed but returns in a way unexpected and is threatened by the forces of darkness that seek to destroy the world. The other is the Demon Age series, which is only two books at this time, each completely self-contained. This is a world where monsters are connected to magic. Demonlords, the immortal shapeshifters, rule the world. Humans can only hope to survive.

4.  Serials require a strong character who can carry things. Tell me more about Nadia.

–Nadia is the main character of the second Demon Age novel, Spirit Blade. She was introduced in Tiger Born but is more fully realized in her own story. She’s a woman and a fighter, strong but sensitive, and it’s something that her ex doesn’t realize fully, as most men assume she’s weak. One man believes in her, a demonlord who knows the truth about her potential, but he knows far more than anyone realizes. Nadia doesn’t even know her full strength until she’s forced to face a threat that no one can stop.

5.  What are you working on now?

–I have a couple projects that I’m jumping between. One is another book in my more popular Starfire Angels: Revelations series and another is the first of a whole new series that I can’t yet discuss.

6.  Who is your favorite writer and why?

–Growing up, I loved Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series and the romantic notion of the connection between a human and a horse. For a while, I enjoyed Timothy Zahn’s military science fiction, especially his Thrawn books in the Star Wars Extended Universe novels. Usually, however, I read by book and not necessarily by author, which is why I use two different pen names. Not everyone likes my different types of writing between my fantasy and young adult.

7.  What’s the strangest thing you’ve had to research for your writing?

–I don’t know about the strangest thing. There have lots of things I’ve come across in researching for different stories. Research is always a part of world building and you never know what you’ll learn.

8.  What advice do you have for other writers?

–Write for yourself first. If you don’t love writing, why do it?

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