Author interview: Victoria L. K. Williams

I’ve been going crazy with very little sleep this week, preparing for a vacation in Vegas. I leave tomorrow afternoon and I’ll be back on Thursday, but you won’t see any interviews next week. I’m giving myself a couple days to recover, lol.

So this interview actually should have gone up yesterday. Victoria L. K. Wiliams writes light-hearted mysteries. You can find out more about Victoria at the links below her responses.


So what made you want to write?

I love to read and more times than not, you will see me with a book in hand.  I was with a group of business associates and the question came up “What would you love to do if you could be doing the job you secretly desire” Before I even thought, I blurted out “write a book and see it read by others”.  Well that group of friends challenged me to go for it, and ten months later I had completed Murder for Neptune’s Trident, the first Citrus Beach Mystery.

2.  I see you’ve just published the second book in your “Citrus Beach” mysteries. Tell me about the book.

Scent of a Mystery picks up where Murder for Neptune’s Trident ended; a hurricane heading for Citrus Beach.  As with all storms, things get stirred up and Barney finds a treasure box that leads to a mystery.  I don’t want to give away too much, but lost memories, smuggling, kidnapping and attempted murder are all involved.  Both books can be read as stand-alone mysteries, with many of the same characters returning.

3.  What about the mystery genre appeals to you?

What doesn’t! Nothing makes me happier (or irritates my husband more) that to figure out the end to a mystery in the written form or on TV before it is revealed. I love to see what clues the author put out for the reader to decipher and how they are worked into the story line. Add a bit of romance and I’m hooked.

4.  I see a dog on the cover of your book and in your author picture. Coincidence?  Tell me more about that.

Oh there is no coincidence, Barney from the series is based on our family dog Zippy.  I took some of the best from our dog’s personality, as well as some of his bad habits, mixed it together and created Barney. However, during the writing of this book, our Zippy passed away.  I decided to give Barney a bigger role in the book as a way of remembering what a blessing our dog was to us.

5.  Who is your favorite writer, and why?

There are number, and many of them live part time down here in Florida.  But without a doubt Nora Roberts is my favorite! She has so much talent and pulls you into her books. Her writing makes you feel for the characters in her books; the tension, danger, romance and sadness.

6.  What are you working on next?

I am continuing the Citrus Beach Series.  I actually have outlines for ten more books in this series.  I have a good start on book #3 and am playing around with the idea of a holiday mystery as well.  There is also another series ready to go in a different genre called The Sister Station.

7.  What advice do you have for other writers?

Read, Write, Listen, & Edit! I had bad luck with the editor of my first book and it showed in my reviews (I will be having it re-edited). I was lucky to find a great editor for Scent of a Mystery and I learned a lot in the process. Reading is not only entertaining, but you can learn so much from other authors. Keep writing!  A little down time might be needed as you finish your book, but, for me, the juices are still flowing and the ideas for new story lines seem to come in clearer when you are not in the middle of a work in progress.  And finally, listen to what your readers have to say. You are often too close to your work to see things the same way that they do.

8.  What’s the best and worst thing about living in Florida?

I was raised in the north-Niagara Fall, New York to be precise. And I hate the cold.  So the easiest answer about the best of living in Florida would be the weather.  But there is so much more; it’s a different pace of life.  Raising our son here was wonderful, and we spent a lot of time enjoying the beaches as a family.  Since I own a gardening business, the year-round tropical weather is great for that too.  The worst thing about living in Florida is the bugs.  You can control them, but you can’t get rid of them.


Links :

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