Glug, Glug, what a Monday!!

Why am I saying “Glug, glug?”  Check out the news reports for Phoenix today:


I live in Gilbert (on the East Side, as we call it, across the Salt River from Phoenix) and I commute 25 miles into Phoenix every morning. Normally in the morning with traffic it takes me 45-50 minutes to get to work. Today?  An hour and a half. I couldn’t even GET to the nearest freeway because the streets were flooded. Not that it would have mattered. EVERY SINGLE FREEWAY in the metropolitan area had closures, and it would have been impossible for me to get to work that way. So it was down to surface streets. And half of them had closures, anywhere they crossed under a freeway or a train track or pretty much anything else, or where Phoenix’s lovely drainage system had turned the road into a river.

So yeah. That was a fun morning.

Just to put some perspective on things, in my area we typically get 8 to 10 inches of rain PER YEAR. So yes. We just received SIX MONTHS worth of rain this morning. And it will continue to rain throughout the day today. And more tonight.

Uh, I may need a boat to get home, lol.

My one bright side is I’ve lived here all my life. I know where the washes and rivers (dry most of the year) are, where the low laying parts of the Valley, area, and where there are bridges over these low areas. So I was able to get to work when other coworkers who live near me couldn’t. And I’ll know how to navigate home if things are bad later. But man, it does make for an exciting day. Half the schools were even closed due to the rain (not my kid’s, and we live just down the street from it so she’s good).

More pictures to share: (courtesy of various local news sites: )

freeway2  I-10, our main freeway through Phoenix. They don’t even know how many cars were submerged there. (Everyone got out okay.)

freeway Same freeway, exit ramp.

mesaI love this one. This is only a few miles from my house. That’s a park.

ScottsdaleDog park on my way to work.

Anyways, I’ll see if I can post more pictures tomorrow. House is safe and dry so far. (Cats are scared and hiding under the covers.)


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