Author Interview: Carolyn Chambers Clark


It’s another Thursday, and another chance to check out an indie writer. While Carolyn Chambers Clark is more known for her nonfiction, she’s been delving into the fiction genres with a few mysteries. You can find out more about Carolyn at her website here: .



1.  So what first led to you write?

I’ve always been a writer and got good grades on my papers in high school and college. In grad school, we had to write a “publishable” paper. It took a lot of revisions, but my teachers were very helpful. I did get that paper published and that was such a high, I wanted to get more things published.

2.  It seems you started out writing nonfiction. Tell me about that.

I was a nurse working on my masters degree in psychiatric/mental health nursing and for a couple of years I only wrote about that topic, and only for nurses. When I got my doctorate, I became interested in assertiveness, wellness and self-care measures to take to keep healthy. Over the years I had more than 20 health-related books published, most of them textbooks, although a couple were for the general public, including LIVING WELL WITH ANXIETY: WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOESN’T TELL YOU…THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW; and LIVING WELL WITH MENOPAUSE: WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOESN’T TELL YOU THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW; THE AMERICAN HOLISTIC NURSES’ ASSOCIATION GUIDE TO COMMON CHRONIC CONDITIONS: SELF-CARE OPTIONS TO COMPLEMENT YOUR DOCTOR’S ADVICE; DE-STRESS, WEIGH LESS (co-written with a physician). You can find many of my health-related books at Just scroll down on my home page or look to the left and find links to my e-books.

3.  When did you decide to write fiction, and why?

I started writing fiction in the l980s. I did get an agent, but she wasn’t able to sell any of my suspense novels. in the 1990s, I switched to humorous mysteries/cozies. I’ve also written or co-written about 20 young adult stories, mysteries, thrillers, paranormal, and suspense stories. You can find them at

4.  Your mystery book “Candy, Murder, and Me,” sounds like an interesting concept–a mystery book with recipes as well.  How did that project come about?

Many cozies today include recipes, directions for knitting or crocheting, depending on the characters hobbies or interests.

5.  What are you working on now?

I’m working on a sequel to Candy, Murder and Me as well as finishing off a young adult romantic adventure.

6.  Who is your favorite writer, and why?

Ross Macdonald was the one who got me interested in writing mysteries. He was a great writer and the stories are very interesting. A couple of them have been made into movies. I believe Paul Newman starred in at least one of them.

7.  What kind of research do you do for your writing?

I do a lot of research for all my books. With the internet, it’s so easy to Google just about anything and get the answer. I also read book similar to mine and see how they use setting or plot, so that’s part of my research, too.

8.  What is your writing process like?

I’m usually working on a couple of things at a time. Finishing revisions on one while I start writing another, for example. Also, if I get stuck with one, I may go on to another. I try to write something every day. Sometimes I spend all day writing. Other days, maybe only an hour or two. I’m best in the morning, so that is usually the time I try to write something new and save later in the day for revisions or plotting.

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