New short story pack out! Paranormal love story

Out today! Two paranormal stories with Asian influences: The Wish: A Paranormal Short Story Two Pack, available on Amazon: .

the wish cover 350

Okay let me get one thing straight. My latest short story pack, “The Wish” is a paranormal love story. NOT a paranormal romance. They’re not the same thing. Don’t be expecting vampires and werewolves, because it’s not that kind of story. Ever read “The Monkey’s Paw?” This is more like that. Jodi is in love with her best friend Tanya. But Tanya only has eyes for Roger. As the wedding date nears, Jodi desperately hopes to open her friend’s eyes to see that even if she doesn’t love Jodi back, Roger’s not the right guy for her.

That’s when she prays to the Japanese Goddess of joy and happiness, Uzume.

And Uzume offers her a wish. The question is whether the wish will grant her happiness, or misery.


The second story, “Reflections of Chi” is about interior decorator Geneva Woo who specializes in using Feng Shui to organize the flow of chi or energy through a home for the most benefit to inhabitants. A woman shows up in her office demanding help.

Her house is rearranging itself–the very rooms are changing positions. And the situation is becoming dangerous.


A short excerpt from “Reflections of Chi”

Geneva Lin nearly spilled her tea as the door to her office flew open, admitting a woman in a wrinkled business suit holding an armful of books and magazines. Immediately the woman, a tall thin thing with unkempt mahogany curls, marched up to Geneva’s desk. She took one of her magazines, the Interior Decorator Showcase, and slammed it down on the desk, then flipped it open to an article about Feng Shui. Across the page Geneva caught sight of an advertisement for her company, Harmonic Chi Decorators Inc. Geneva licked her lips and gave the woman an inquiring look.

“You’ve got to help me with my house,” the woman said.

Geneva took a napkin and wiped the moisture from the side of her cup, making sure no drops had fallen onto the surface of her cherry wood desk, then set aside the tea and smoothed back her hair. “You are interested in controlling the flow of chi in your house?” She smiled as the client blinked in surprise; everyone expected her to have an accent, but four generations of family growing up in the Oakland area had erased any trace of Chinese ancestry in her speech.

The woman nodded, fumbling in her purse and pulling out a wad of tissue, two lipsticks, and a business card. She thrust the card into Geneva’s hand. Geneva glanced at the name: Renee Emilson, Infotech Information Services.

Renee drew in a deep breath. “I don’t have much time to explain my problem before I’m due back at the office, but I read about how controlling the flow of energy in your home can sort of calm things—you know, balance them—in your life. I need help big time—I’m going out of my mind, and my place is a wreck. Worse, I’ve got a dinner party next Tuesday. Can we make an appointment or something?”

This was going to be a challenge, if the woman’s purse was any indication of how she kept her house. Geneva said, “Our fees reflect our quality of services. Have you spoken to one of my secretaries yet?” The fact she had gotten in here was in itself amazing; usually Gail and Tina were very good at keeping things running in a smooth, organized manner.

Renee pulled out a cigarette and started to light it, then at Geneva’s frown, put it away. “I don’t deal with secretaries. Haven’t the time. I have set aside a couple hours tomorrow afternoon if you can stop by. My address is on the back of the card there.”

Geneva breathed deeply, not to be sucked into this woman’s rush. “I’ll see what I can do, Ms. Emilson. Be aware, though, that if your house is untidy, the first thing you’ll have to do is set aside the time to clean it. Mess disrupts the flow of chi.”

Renee gave a terse nod. “I’ll see you then.” She gave Geneva no more time to question further but stuffed the contents back into her purse and headed out of the office, startling Gail, who was trying to enter with a file folder. Gail looked curiously at Geneva. Geneva sighed.

“We have a live one.”

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