Playing with typography

So I’ve been looking a lot at covers lately, particularly paying attention to the typography of modern fantasy titles. While I still don’t like the current trend of colored background + symbol (like Game of Thrones), I have noticed some differences in how titles are presented nowadays compared to before the eBook. The fonts are cleaner with all caps like these:

another   promise     kushiel

Meanwhile my fantasy covers use both caps and little letters. I still like this look for my Journey To Landaran cover, but I realized I had gone a little font crazy on the Heart of the Witch. So I played around with it. I think this version brings it more in line with modern fantasy book covers:


Witch cover ebook 2013 v2 250pixel


Witch cover ebook 2014 250

What do you think?

2 responses to “Playing with typography

  1. Yes! I think the new fonts are much cleaner and easy to read. They also give the book a more contemporary feel. I envy you your casual ability to play around with your covers!

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