Yes, Joe! YES!!

I just want to post this link to Joe Konrath’s latest blog post from yesterday, where he discusses trolls and writer reactions to reviews.

All I can say is AMEN!!!!!  A professional writer does not react. A professional writer writes, and lets everyone else say what they will about their books, engage in discussions or rants, etc. They do not engage, unless a fan emails them directly with a question.

And to any writer who can’t bear to watch others tear their “baby” apart, just don’t read it. Don’t. Walk away, and go back to writing. Read a few books on writing, join a writing workshop or critique group, listen to your beta readers. But don’t engage with reviews once you’ve hit that “publish” button. If your book has a low average and it’s not some unreasonable attack, then it means you have work to do to improve your craft. Suck it up and just do that, then.

That is all!

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