Now in bookstores! Okay, THE book shop.

book shop

So I took that first brave step.

I walked into a local independent bookstore (Called “The Book Shop”), browed the shelves to note that they had both a “Local Authors” section as well as my genre, and struck up a conversation with the man behind the counter. Was he the owner? Yes, indeed he was. I mentioned that I was a local author, and asked if he worked on consignment or with small publishers.

After showing him my book, Journey To Landaran and a touch of negotiation, I left him with the copy for a six week trial run to see if it sells. He looked it over and thought it might appeal to his customers.

So there you are. My first book in an actual bookstore. It actually wasn’t that hard.

Naturally I’m going to talk it up–so if you happen to be in Phoenix, Arizona, go check out The Book Shop on 16th Street and Bethany Home Rd. .  Here’s hoping to a sale there and many more sales there and in other stores in the future.

And also, last day to grab Journey To Landaran for only 99 cents/99p over at Amazon and!  I won’t be putting this on sale again anytime soon, so take advantage!

One response to “Now in bookstores! Okay, THE book shop.

  1. Well done and congrats and thanks for giving me a push to follow up with my local version of the Book Shop.

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