Book Review: Dead Witch Walking


Book: Dead Witch Walking

Author: Kim Harrison

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4 stars

I knew there was a big surge in urban fantasy in the 90’s, but at the time I wasn’t really interested in reading it. Lately, however, I’ve had a thing for bounty hunter tales after reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. You could say that Kim Harrison’s Hollows series is the paranormal/urban fantasy version. There’s plenty of madcap insanity, humor, and action.

Rachel’s a fun character, which is important since the novel is told in first person. She shies away from talking or even thinking much about her past, but instead lives pretty much in the moment, from one crisis to another. Among the things she has to deal with is an obnoxious pixie, a vampire roommate who is trying to refrain from feeding on humans, and a contract for her life.

Rachel’s companions make the book just as much as the character of Rachel herself, which for me was again reminiscent of Evanovich with her colorful characters, particularly Lulu. Ivy came off as a bit ambivalent, but the pixie absolutely shone–almost brighter than the main character. The bad guys as well were each interesting characters, and I suspect there will be much more to do with Trent the billionaire as well as Nick, the supposedly good guy who seems to have an awful lot of secrets.

Pacing was great–this was a book that pulled you along. Altogether a fun read, and I’ll probably be checking out more. Quick good for a debut novel!

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