Been sick, so here’s a cat picture.


Yikes, I’ve been sick most this week with a stomach bug. NOT fun.  Worse, because of this my writing has ground to a halt. I swear however, that with a little rest, I’ll be back at the keyboard by Monday.

More reviews have come in for Journey To Landaran which is good (along with some sales) but the reviews have been ambivalent at best, averaging three and a half stars. (Ouch. While not horrible, does this make me just an ‘average’ writer? Or maybe my review requests have been going to the wrong type of reader. This is more likely, actually. Only time will tell.)

I guess the good news is that only one reviewer had any issues with my actual writing itself, and since that one is a self-published writer of suspense/thriller, I  have to take that with a grain of salt. More often it seems that the book disturbs readers. This can be a good thing or bad, depending on your viewpoint. Yes, I took some pretty big risks with the age of the protagonists and the issues they must cope with. This is not a comfortable read, but I’ll stand by the story I wanted to tell.

Meanwhile, I did get a very nice review from Midwest Book Reviews, which will be going out to booksellers in their April newsletter, as well as in their May newsletter for juvenile fiction. So that was exciting!  They were great to work with, so I totally recommend Midwest Reviews for all indie authors: . I’ll post a link once it’s published onto their website with the April MBR Bookwatch.

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