Blog Tour for Journey To Landaran!

So it has begun! From March 2 to 14, Reading Addiction is doing a blog tour for the release of my YA fantasy novel, Journey To Landaran. I’ll be posting links here as well as a few snippets and regular posts as well. Journey To Landaran is the first book in what I plan to be a five book series, featuring twins Aidah and Tavish, brother and sister with amazing powers that will catapult them on a path of hope and renewal for their nation . . . or ruin and destruction.

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March 3 – Book Lovers Life – Guest Post

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March 7 – Loving the Language of Literacy – Review
March 8 – Magic & Mayhem – Guest Post
March 9 – Deal Sharing Aunt – Excerpt
March 10 – Jeanz Book Read n Review  -Interview
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March 12 – My Devotional Thoughts – Excerpt
March 13 – Mom With a Kindle – Interview
March 13 – Indie Authors You Want To Read – Excerpt
March 14 – Dalene’s Book Reviews – Review
March 14 –RABT Reviews – Wrap Up
About the world of Ernid:
In Journey To Landaran, we’re introduced just a small part of this world, including the Doane Republic and its arch-enemy, the Innis Empire. The Emperor of Innis, Rangwar, is a powerful Spirit Mage who has been alive for over three centuries, and will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal, to become a god. He has tried several times to take over the smaller country of the Doane Republic, only to fail, thanks to the Protector, Korva Liam.
She just happens to be his daughter.
The world of Ernid on its surface seems to be a culture just entering the Renaissance, with remnants of the old feudal system breaking down; towns may have both nobility as well as mayors and city councils. The climate of the Doane is temperate, with a large mountain range to the north known as the Highlands where silver and gold are mined, while in the Lowlands the landscape is somewhat hilly and warmer. To the west stretches an untamed forest where the Wildfolk dwell. To the East is the Krimean Sea, formed by a terrible earthquake a thousand years ago, and beyond that, the Empire of Innis, a vast collection of territories stretching all the way south to the Spice lands.
But the surface impression can be misleading. There are legends of technology that was lost. Strange artifacts wash up on the shores of the Krimean Sea, to be puzzled over. The legends say that men caused the earthquakes, that they destroyed the previous civilization where men did become gods and created many of the strange creatures roaming the lands, magical creatures. Among these are wyrrets–ferrets mixed with birds, and the Lupas, an intelligent dog-like species who look like large greyhounds. In the ancient days, three schools of magic arose, including the Storm Mages who could manipulate something called electro-magnetism, Sun Mages who could control light waves, and the most rare of all, the Spirit Mages, who could control mind, body, and spirit.  Those magically Talented run in family lines; thus the Mages keep detailed genealogy charts, looking for when the next generation of Talented will emerge. At the time of puberty, Talents make themselves known. And with only one or two Spirit Talented per generation with the potential to live for centuries, those in power are always on the hunt for the next Spirit Mage.
Especially in the line of the Emperor.

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