Book Review: Proper Gauge (Wool #2)


Book:  Proper Gauge (Wool #2)

Author: Hugh Howey

Publisher: Hugh Howey

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I really liked the first installment of Howey’s Wool series. The story was a good standalone with enough of a riddle to make you want to read more. It had punch. It had deep questions.

I didn’t really find as much of these qualities in the second installment, Proper Gauge.While this was still a decent read, it didn’t hold nearly as much tension or emotion, and I found myself skimming parts of it, waiting for something to happen. The ending jolted me a bit, and I have to hand it to Howey for how to hook a reader, because yes, I purchase part three. But if things don’t get better, I’m bailing.

The basic plot was the search for a new sheriff in the Silo. They decide to descend to the near bottom of the silo where what’s left of humanity is living, over a hundred floors down. It’s quite a journey, and the two main characters learn a lot about both what’s happening in the various sections of their society as well as what’s happening with each other, a developing relationship. I find the world that Howey has created fascinating, and right now that’s probably the most compelling aspect to the series and what keeps me reading. The place is fraught with tension, both external and internal. I just didn’t like the slower pace of this particular segment.

So we’ll see what happens next. I’m a bit disappointed by the ending, frankly. Unlike the first installment, I didn’t see it as a necessary outcome of all the pieces in motion. Maybe Howey will convince me later. So yes, a lukewarm three stars for this one.

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