Book Review: Whiskey Sour


Book: Whiskey Sour

Author: J.A. Konrath

Publisher: J.A. Konrath

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is one case where the writer has almost made more of a name for himself and his blog than for his actual books. I’ve been reading the musings of J.A. Konrath on indie and self-publishing for a while now. I don’t agree with everything he has to say about the subject, but I find him very entertaining and I think his discussions are both enlightening and informative.

So naturally I had to check out the first book in his very successful, indie published Jack Daniels series. Very cheap, at 99 cents.

And I found it, like his musings, very entertaining. Certain writers have big personalities, big styles, big voices. J.A. Konrath is one of them. (Another writer, one of my favorites, has this as well–Stephen King).

There’s a lot of humor and tongue in cheek in the story of Jacqueline Daniels, detective. (And yes, everybody congratulates her on having such a great name. And she drinks enough Jack to warrant it.) The murders are pretty grisly, and there are a few OMG MUST TURN PAGE NOW moments evocative of a Hollywood blockbuster film (you know, the part of the film where you hold a hand to your face and peek through your fingers.) All in all, it’s a great ride, which I found more than worth my time. I’ve already downloaded the sample to the next one with the expectation that I’ll probably purchase it once I read the sample. (I read samples for ALL books these days. No need to spend unless it really hooks me.)

Don’t look for a lot of deep thought or theme or fancy prose. You won’t find it here. This is meant to be a quick read for pure entertainment, nothing flashy or esoteric. It’s actually more of a suspense/thriller than mystery, as you’re introduced to the killer early on (but his real name isn’t discovered until much later). There are high stakes for the heroine not just to stop murders, but her safety and the safety of everyone she cares about as well.

So if you like classic thriller syspense with evil serial killers and snarky, funny heroines, I definitely recommend this book. You may not agree with everything Konrath writes on his blog, but he’s got the high thrills writing thing down.

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