Results of the two day sale and Goodreads giveaway

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And the numbers are in!

My two day 99 cent sale, I only advertised through one website, I also made two Facebook posts, a few Tweets, and of course this blog.

So the results of this little mini-sale? 61 sales. Not bad, especially since the two weeks prior there had been zero sales, zip.

I did this promotion for two reasons: one, I wanted to check out the website and see how well they did just on their own. The only cost to me was 25% of the profits, which I thought was highly reasonable. Second, I wanted to boost my Amazon ranking in preparation for the release of my second novel. It looks better when you’re other full length novel isn’t languishing somewhere around 600,000.

That worked spectacularly well. From a dismal 750,000, it went as high as top 4366 Paid in the Kindle Store, broke the top 100 in Epic Fantasy, #44 in Sword and Sorcery, and #10 in juvenile literature Fantasy and Magic/Sword and Sorcery. (Obviously this last mini-genre is several layers deep and small.) This morning after the sale the book still stands at a respectable 11,000 overall. With this higher rating, hopefully I’ll also garner some sales at regular price.

So I highly recommend Ereadernewstoday for those who’d like a little boost and don’t care to do Kindle Select or a freebie promotion. This book is not in Kindle Select. One of the sales came from Barnes and Noble.

And then on the Goodreads Giveaway for Journey To Landaran–I don’t consider giveaways a good way to get reviews. I gave away three copies of Heart of the Witch shortly after it came out. I received on review–a glowing 5 star one, but only on Goodreads. Then the person left Goodreads, deleting their profile and the review. Le sigh. So I don’t really expect much in the way of reviews.

But what floored me on this time around was the number of people who added the book to their “To Read” list, and the number of entries to the giveaway. It ended up with 1252 entries. When it passed 1000 yesterday, it just looked so cool on page 4 of the “most popular” giveaways, alongside Big 6 published novels. And whereas the cover reveal encouraged about 200 people to add the book to their Goodreads “To Read” pile, the giveaway has now increased that by another 500.

Why is that important? Because the more active a book’s page is on Goodreads, the more they will include the book in your Explore, Genre recommendations. When I go into “Explore”, “Genre” and then “Fantasy” it shows me the “movers and shakers”–books with a lot of additions and reviews. There’s a book there that actually has nearly the same levels of ratings and “To Read” additions as mine–Remember, by Shannon Dermott, who appears to either be another indie writer or small press. Only difference is her book isn’t coming out until Dec. 2014 and it already has this much attention. But if you can get a book onto that page? Free marketing!

But wait, there’s more! This page is only updated monthly, it appears, but in the next update, it looks like my book will be in the top 150 at least: This is the under “Explore”, “Most popular”, “March, 2014”. It lists the most popular books by number of additions to the “To Read” list.

So this is why I think Goodreads Giveaways are beneficial, even if you don’t get any reviews. It gets your book name out there. For those who know marking, they know that the average buyer needs to see something several times before they actually go to check it out and buy it.

2 responses to “Results of the two day sale and Goodreads giveaway

  1. Thanks for the info on your promotion. It’s definitely worth a try.

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