Last minute changes

First, $0.99 cent sale today on Heart of the Witch!

Yikes, things always go crazy before a release. I was looking at the cover of my book Journey To Landaran over on Goodreads in the list of books having giveaways (now at an impressive 670 entries), and next to the other covers, it just looks so . . . colorless. Yikes. Up close it’s gorgeous, but I realized last night that it just isn’t vivid enough because of the sepia tones.

So I decided to muck around with it this morning in Photoshop, playing with saturation and color levels. Here’s the old version next to the new version.

Old: Landaran ebook final 300     New: Landaran ebook 8 300

The neat thing was that when I made the same changes to the print cover, it did some interesting color effects to the back cover:

Landaran Print cover V3 CMYK 800

Lol, and if my cover artist who did the image sees this, she’ll probably roll her eyes, because I’m pretty sure she submitted a color scheme pretty similar to this, and I told her to go sepia. Eh well. Live and learn, I guess!

I’d love to hear some reactions. Is the new color scheme better? I think it “pops” a lot more now, and stands up better to the traditionally published.

3 responses to “Last minute changes

  1. The new cover is brighter. How about using a coloured font for the title to pick out the colour of the girl’s dress or the boy’s collar? The white and gold looks a bit unfinished to me

    • I played with different colors originally, but they were illegible against the background, which is why I ended up with the colors I did. White really just was a lot easier to read. I’ve used different filters like drop shadows and contouring on the lettering. Go to Amazon and see how many books use white lettering. It’s pretty impressive.

      • Yes, finding a colour to stand out against a background is difficult. That’s why I always put the title on a coloured band. Not very subtle, but I get to use pretty colours.

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