Book Review: Wool (Part One)


Book: Wool, Part One

Author:  Hugh Howey

Publisher: Broad Reach

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

So I had to finally go out and read this, after all the hoopla about how great the story is and how Hugh Howey has made the leap from struggling self-published indie writer to working with publishers on a print-only deal. It’s certainly something to aspire to.

And what did I think? Note that I’ve only read the first part of this four part book, the one that Hugh continues to offer for free on Amazon.

It’s pretty decent. The tension and the plot certainly moved you right along, all the way to the ending, and I wasn’t certain what that ending would be until I got there. Ever read that old tale, the “Lady or the Tiger”? The one where a door is going to open and you don’t know if you’ll get your heart’s desire or be messily devoured?

Wool Part One is like that.

The good part is that you actually get the answer–I always hated the cop-out of ‘well you can make your own ending!” Good or bad, I want an ending. Hugh slips enough of a twist in that you don’t necessarily expect the ending, but once you see it, it makes sense. It’s a bleak world where humans have fled underground to escape a poisonous environment, and I can’t really envy them. The story is gritty and real, as are the characters, and the writing is tight and neat.

Yes, I did buy Part Two. So there’s enough here to keep me going.

2 responses to “Book Review: Wool (Part One)

  1. I’ll be reading this soon–just got a copy. It might be a curse that no fiction story can be as interesting (to me) as Hugh’s success story!

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