Author Interview: Linda Brown

As I said yesterday, I fell behind a little in posting author interviews. so here is this week’s scheduled interview with Linda Brown. Linda published her first book recently, a memoire. While I don’t feature a lot of memoires generally, I thought hers looked interesting. You can find more about Linda Brown on Goodreads here:


  1. What inspired you to write a book?
    All my life I had always said I would write a book about my life. Part of me believed it yet part of me believed I would never really do it. I had never thought of publishing though. My intent was quite different. I had kept many of the things in my life buried. I wanted to write the book to be able to leave behind for my children. I wanted the truth known. Then last year I felt this overwhelming sense of urgency to write the book. It was if I was called to write it. I felt driven that it had to be done. It was a strange feeling but I felt as if there were a looming deadline approaching and it had to be done now. So I decided to begin. Once I began I still felt rushed and driven. I felt as if God was telling me I had to do this now. I followed my feelings and wrote. Through that process I began to wonder if maybe by sharing my story it could help others.     2. I understand your book is a memoir, about breaking a cycle of abuse. Can you describe the process that went into writing this personal story?
    I began writing it with the mindset I was writing it for my own personal use. I wrote freely and without reserve by looking at it in that way. I wrote as if no one would ever see or read it. This process enabled me to be completely free and open. I didn’t think of what others would say or think. I just wrote my story. Once I neared the end I took a break for a week or two. When I began again I wrote from the mindset that I wanted to give others a message. I wanted them to learn from my life. It was a difficult process and quite the journey. Writing a memoir is so much different than other works. You are placing not just your words but your life and decisions out for the world to see and judge.
  2.      3. Who is your favorite writer, and why?
    I am an avid reader. I have so many authors I love. I have many genres I red and couldn’t pick an absolute favorite. I was recently introduced to the work of Lisa Grace who wrote Angels in the Shadows. She has a way of writing that draws you in and makes you truly connect with her characters. Another brilliant author I recently found was Tessa Afshar who wrote harvest of rubies. She is brilliant at telling a story that has heart, depth and yet humor. A few favorites include Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Ted Dekker and Karen Kingsbury. All of these writers have a way of writing a  tory yet making you think and wonder. You can’t help but think differently after reading their work.

    4. What are your hopes in publishing a book?
    My hopes were that in sharing my story others may find strength, hope and inspiration. I wanted others to know they are not alone. I had hopes that people may see as well that sometimes the things we say and do can leave permanent scars on those we hurt. I was able to break the cycle in my own family. I have dreams that others cycles can be broken as well. If all I went through in my life ends up helping one child somewhere then it was all worthwhile.

    5. What are you working on next?
    I am currently working on a young adult fiction series. The series is titled “Overcomer”. This series will follow the life of our character through tragedy and triumph. In this series you will get a glimpse of the demons haunting the character and the angels she does not see. Each is pursuing her throughout her life. She does not see or know of their battle. She is just the pawn.

    6. What have been your greatest challenges?
    My own personal greatest challenge has been to believe in myself. I fought to have faith in myself and believe I could accomplish this book.

    7. What kind of advice do you have for other writers?
    Don’t write to get on the best sellers list or to create an income. Don’t write looking for fame and fortune. Write because you have a story to tell. Write because you are driven to write. Write because it is your passion. Write for the sake of writing. Write because that is what you are… a writer

    8. Literature can both inspire as well as entertain. How would you seek to do both these things?
    My first book talks of abuse, neglect and many dark moments. However I didn’t want the entire book to be dark and depressing. Throughout I mention many humorous moments and try to bring smiles and laughter when possible to my readers. I wanted my readers to walk along with me in my journey. That does consist of many dark moments however I wanted them to laugh and smile with me too.

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