A review of my 2013 goals

happy new year

So at the beginning of 2013 I made some writing goals for the year. In 2012 I wrote about 75,000 words, which while not that impressive was more than I’d ever written previously. I resolved in 2013 to try to reach 100,000 words. The first half of the year was awful. I barely found time to write 250 words a day. But then things changed in July with a different job and I was able to start cranking out 800 words a day, five days a week. So I didn’t *quite* reach my goal. My total for the year was 98,000 words. THAT CLOSE! But I’m happy because it’s been my best year for writing ever. Note that this only includes fiction. Not blog posts, not reviews, not even editing. Just new words on stories and novels.

Other things I did in 2013:

  • Published the print version of my debut novel Heart of the Witch.
  • Wrote and published the second Cathy Pembroke tale, Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Published novella Dreams and Nightmares
  • Wrote and published an erotica short story under my other nom de plume
  • Wrote 43,000 words of a new book (romance) which will also be under that nom de plume
  • Finished my second fantasy novel, edited it, and prepared the ARCs for review–Journey To Landaran: Book One of the Spirit Mage Saga
  • Started the second book of the Spirit Mage Saga (just on Chapter One, but still)
  • Wrote four other short stories, two of which are currently being looked at for magazines and/or anthologies. One of these is at Tor.com and has been there for 4 months. They say on their website they can take up to 6 months, and if your story has been with them for 3 months or more then it’s in the second read pile. So I’m crossing my fingers here.

So it’s been a busy year! For 2014, I plan to keep increasing my output. My goal is to write 125,000 words in 2014. If I actually maintain the productivity that I’m doing right now, I actually could go as high as 175,000 but I don’t want to freak myself out. (Still that would be an awesome number to reach!)

I want to finish that romance book as quickly as possible, get at least halfway through the second Spirit Mage book, and write at least five short stories/novellas.

How did everyone else do on their goals?

Happy New Year!!!!

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