Book Review: First to Kill by Andrew Peterson


Title:  First to Kill

Author: Andrew Peterson

Genre:  Action/Thriller

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

I enjoy thrillers now and then. I came upon this book because the series came as highly rated on Amazon, so I figured I’d check it out. This series features Nathan McBride, an ex-Marine sniper who now takes odd jobs, after a brutal torture session that left him scarred, both mentally and physically. He works with his buddy Harvey, another ex-soldier.

Peterson pays a great deal of attention to small details, including types of weapons, types of camouflage and ghillie suits, and has obviously either been in the military or done extensive research. It was because of these details that I really enjoyed the book. There are some really violent moments (and a few torture sessions, ugh) but things moved along quickly enough that I didn’t find the violence overbearing. I have to say as a gamer, I appreciated the sniper battles in particular, since that’s one of my favorite things.

Nathan McBride may be a hard man and able to commit some pretty callous acts in the name of the mission, but he has enough heart and soul to make him likeable. The book also dealt with his troubled relationship with his father, a U.S. Senator. There was realism in the inter-agency politics that I appreciated, having also worked with government contracts.

So for those who enjoy military action on domestic soil and a lot of action, I’d definitely recommend this series.

Especially if you like snipers.

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