Buzz Buzz!


So it seems like the cover reveal for my soon to be published fantasy novel Journey to Landaran went really well! A total of 25 blogs posted it, I received a bunch of new Twitter followers, over 75 “To Read” additions over at Goodreads and the Amazon gift card and ARC giveaway currently stands at 427 entries and counting!

One of the hardest things for any writer, and particularly for indie writers, is to create a buzz for their book. How do you get that word of mouth thing going? How can you get people excited to read what you have written?

In my experience, I think genre and the demographics of your audience does play a role in what kinds of activities you should do to promote your books. If you have a heavy science fiction and comic books crowd, then you’d probably benefit from setting up a table at a local sci fi convention. If you are after the academic and educational crowd, try speaking at libraries or colleges.

And if your audience is younger or your genre is YA, especially with paranormal elements, blog tours are a way to go.

I knew my first book wouldn’t appeal to the YA audience. The writing is denser and the flow of the book is a little slow. Also, there are a lot of thematic undercurrents to the book which would appeal more to the main sci fi/fantasy reader, particularly male and academic. It’s a ‘smart’ book–it makes you think. I don’t envision a lot of teenagers getting into it, so I didn’t even try to market it that way.

This new book, however, is different. Descriptions are paired down and the pace is faster. The protagonists are younger. Romance is only hinted at in the first book, but you’ll see more of it blossoming in the next couple of books in the series. The magic is based on psychic abilities more than traditional spells and witchcraft. Technically it’s a science fantasy.

I knew it appealed to the YA reader the instant I first described the book to my pre-teen daughter (then eleven at the time). She’s now 13 and she’s been hopping up and down wanting to read this one. She wasn’t really all that into my Heart of the Witch book.

So I branded the book with a cover more appealing to YA readers, and I set up the cover reveal with a YA blog.

And people are talking. The cover is getting positive feedback, and what’s more, people are interested in reading about these twins and their powers.

I’ll be doing another blog tour with Candace when the book comes out in February. Meanwhile I have beta readers reading the book (my daughter’s one of them), and I’m sending out ARCs to various reviewers. I’ll see what people think!

And hopefully that’ll create even more buzz.

(Remember, you still have a couple weeks to sign up for the giveaway!  Details can be found here: )

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