Map of the Doane

I’m so excited! Again, still working on a few last edits of my upcoming novel, Journey to Landaran to begin sending out copies to beta readers. And I’m pleased to announce that I now have a map of the land where all the action takes place! The Spirit Mage Saga will have five books total and there is a great deal of travel with several different countries and civilizations visited. so I knew I would need well drawn maps for my readers. I drew the original ones myself to help me write the books. Now, thanks to my artist in Thailand, I have a gorgeous map of the Doane.

Created by Pasunna Zacrifa, the same artist who drew my fairy and troll for the Cathy Pembroke series:

Map of Doane v2 small

2 responses to “Map of the Doane

  1. Your map turned out great! Congrats!

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