The importance of branding and lettering

So the cover image for my upcoming novel, The Spirit Mage Saga: Journey to Landaran is complete now. I’ll do a full cover real and blog tour probably in a month or two once I’m closer to publishing. Today, however, I want to talk about the importance of the FULL cover design, not just the image.

You can have the greatest image in the world and ruin it with some boring lettering.

You can also have the simplest image or background, and the lettering can be your design. Hunter Games, anyone?

Either way, the fonts you use and the way you display the title and your name can make a really big difference on your book. This is particularly true in the age of eReaders, where all a potential buyer may see is that itty bitty thumbnail of your cover. Can they read the title? Author name? If you take a look at the books being sold at Walmart or your local grocery store, you may notice something in common.

Big names, big titles.

So with that in mind, I started playing around with the title lettering for my fantasy novel. Below are three mock-ups that I created without an image, so that I could focus on the letters. Keep in mind that my target audience is likely going to be mostly female readers ages 14 and up, crossing over into the paranormal market.

First version: Title fonts small (This one was okay–it has a feeling of movement. The series name is a little small, however.)

Second version: Title fonts 2 small (This one I decided it was too difficult to read the “J” and the “L” but I liked the fonts for the author name and series name.)

And Version 3:  Title 3 small (This to me brought out the best of everything. It’s easily readable but still has a fancy “L”, the series name is clear, and the author name is nice and big on the bottom. Right now, this is my favorite.)

So you can see just with these examples how various fonts can make a difference. By the way, I’d love some feedback on these as well. What do you think?

One response to “The importance of branding and lettering

  1. First one: nothing special Second one: difficult to read clearly third one: I really like. Has class and it easy to read quickly.

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