Author Interview Thursday: Arabella Thorne


Well it’s Thursday again, and time for another interview! Today it is with Arabella Thorne (great name), who has a couple titles out, one featuring an elf and the other a vampire. Learn more about her on Goodreads at


1. What first got you into writing?

What first got me into writing was the TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I loved Illya Kuraykin…and so I wrote my first fan fiction at age twelve.
From then on I always wrote something—I remember writing a long journal as if I was on the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek Universe. I wrote that for   like three years—and even gave the Beatles their own starship!I passed it around to friends in various classes as it was in a spiral notebook.

I didn’t do much diary writing which was popular when I was a teenager—but   when I was an adult and traveled–I kept journals.

Once I graduated college with a degree in art (I was a professional dance photographer for many years and got published in the NY Times and books,   magazines, etc. This in the era of Baryshnikov!)

I worked at the LA Times for almost nineteen years. And besides the photography I freelanced book reviews and articles for the entertainment section on science fiction and fantasy subjects (Beauty and the Beast–the 20th anniversary of Star Trek—that kind of thing)

And here I am–finally with my first novel in print. Like many authors I have several novel-length works under the bed and in the closet!

2. One of your reviews compared your book “The Elf Lord’s Revenge” to Lord of the Rings meets historical romance. Would you agree, and why?

Oh my novel “The Elf Lord’s Revenge” was influenced completely by how Peter Jackson portrayed the elves in his LOTR films. I wrote 50 stories on ten years ago mostly on Elrond (my fav)They are still up there!

3. Tell me about the book.

My book: well, there is this elf, he and his family were happy exiles in Alta California (what they called the   state of California before it joined the US). They were originally from Aelynghyst (Another dimension if you will) They lived in the mountains   outside Altadena, CA (Just beyond Pasadena). The scholarly Allydan sath Nulan traveled the human world for ten years and came back to Altadena to find his home and family destroyed by an unknown assassin.

Into his life falls Emma Treadburn a human woman who is at the end of her rope–tired of supporting her drunkard of a father and brushing off the advances of her boss.

They meet at the scene of a terrible wagon accident and Emma is injured rescuing a baby.

Allydan is a healer and takes her back to the rancho where the steward of his family estate lives.
And the two fall in love against their better judgment–while Allydan is desperate to find the murderer of his family. He realizes now Emma is in danger from the assassin.

And–well you’ll have to read the book!!It is mostly a sweet romance (one night of wedding night sex).

4. Who is your favorite writer, and why?

My favorite author—darn, so hard to choose: I love Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Colette. In the fantasy universe, Mercedes Lackey and Lois McMaster Bujold. And romances: Stephanie   Laurens, Jayne Ann Krentz, Julia Ross…

5. What makes your elves unique?

What makes my elves unique? Very good question…I always got the impression from Tolkien’s elves that they were kind but distant—their lives, their needs are not human. My elves are a bit more human I guess more emotional (not saying Tolkien’s weren’t but they always strike me as pretty much in control of their emotional responses.)My elves are perhaps a bit more interested in mingling with humans.

6. What project are you working on now?

I am working on a light contemporary novella “T Swear My Roommate is a Vampire which I am planning on releasing by the end of September…and of course the next elvish tale, “The Elf Lord’s Secret.”

7. What’s the best advice you can give to other writers?

My writing advice is like so many others: don’t stop learning and honing your craft. Keep seeking out materials to refine your skill.. And oh yes: Keep writing!

8. How has your background influenced your writing?

My background completely influenced my writing. I grew up in Los Angeles. My parents were both into   journalism: my mom as a writer/editor at the Times and my father as a photo journalist. My oldest brother was also an writer/editor at National Dragster   for years. Working at a newspaper is a dream job: everyone around you is interested in everything, they are literate and usually well read. It couldn’t have been a better cooking pot to steep my imagination! And heck I got paid to write about things I enjoyed. I even got to interview George Lucas! As well as doing a lengthy article on the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next   Generation. Boy, was that fun!

2 responses to “Author Interview Thursday: Arabella Thorne

  1. What an interesting journey you’ve had Arabella! It’s these life experiences and the people we meet that shape us into who we are today. Awesome interview!

  2. Your books sounds fantastic! I loved the elves in Lord of the Rings. If yours connect more, all the better 🙂

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