Movie Review: Mortal Instruments, City of Bones


I downloaded a sample of the book and meant to look at it before the movie came out, but never got the chance. Therefore, you may at some point see me reviewing the book as well. But there were some elements about the movie that I want to discuss first.

First I want to say that visually, the movie was stunning. There were a lot of artists who had a good time with that movie, with the runes, the exotic buildings, the garden, etc. So it was visual candy, if nothing else.

I didn’t mind the basic world set up, although I kind of sighed and rolled my eyes at the cliché vampires and werewolves battling things out. The friend who watched the movie with me pretty much said it–“What is, this, YA Underworld?” I wanted more demons, more variety of demons, and fewer vampires. I think zombies would have been an improvement, actually.  I liked the demon dog–that part was freaky and totally scary. The lava demons were decent as well.

The whole brother/sister question for me was very Luke/Leia, except with chemistry. I personally think it’s a lie, but I guess I’ll have to wait to find out. The romance was a little overdone–why not just let them get to know each other a little first? But I know that’s all part of the YA genre with the drama and angst, omg.

So in all, it was an okay movie. I liked some parts, like the whole rune thing. That was cool. The placing things inside paintings was another nice element. I would have liked to know more about the whole history of everything and how this faction came to be at war with that faction, why the werewolves are good, etc. I had a very hard time believing all the evil in their city is being held back by three hunters. Other nits–why do they make such a big deal about summoning demons when demons seem to be everywhere? Or did I miss something there?  Last, how is it possible to come OUT of the portal, rather than in? I didn’t see a way to get back once you went through. So yeah. Some things didn’t make sense for me.

I’ll probably still read the sample and decide if I want to read the book, see if it holds all these missing pieces. If the angst is over the top (or the romance), then I’ll pass.

Last, I really wonder why so many Millennials find paranormal romances so interesting these days. Is it because our world is so dark these days that it seems natural to fill it with vampires and werewolves? Do they think we’re near the End Times? (see my blog post about that). Or maybe it’s the opposite–they were so sheltered and helicopter-parented as children that they want away from safe, bland things. They crave danger. Maybe they crave a crisis where they can show their heroic side. Demons taking over the world would definitely qualify.

I’d love to hear some thoughts on this!

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