Author Interview: Elizabeth Corva


This week’s regular interview is with Elizabeth Corva, who has her first book, A Million Miles Away out. You can find more about Elizabeth at Goodreads here:

1. What first made you want to write a book?
I started creating my original characters when I was around 15. At the time, I lived in a small town and felt very isolated and misunderstood…your classic teenage misfit. Music was my escape. Since I have no talent for playing, I decided to write about it instead.

2. You’re writing New Adult (previously known as Young Adult) fiction. What about this audience appeals to you? How would you describe this genre?
New Adult takes Young Adult topics a step further. If YA is about the start of the coming-of-age journey, NA is about the end of that road, where the things you do in life start to really matter. The NA audience seems to appreciate books that are little edgier and grittier, and a little more grounded in reality than YA. My writing fits NA in all of those respects.

3. Tell me about your latest book.
My latest book A Million Miles Away is also my first complete novel. It’s an ordinary-girl-meets-famous-guy story, but there’s a twist. Let’s just say our heroine has to put on her big girl panties and deal with some tough situations more than once. It’s not a Romance but it has some romantic elements, some loss and reconciliation themes, and a few good doses of humor to lighten the mood when things get too crazy.

4. What was the hardest thing about publishing a book?
I’d say it’s the marketing and publicity. You can crank out an epic novel every year, but publishing online is like dropping a pebble into the ocean. You have to be willing to spend time exploring channels and more importantly, to reach out to people. If you believe in your work, that helps a lot.

5. Who is your favorite writer, and why?
Lindsay Davis of the Marcus Didius Falco mystery series, because she is incredibly good at writing from a male POV. Her humor isn’t forced and the dialogue is natural and yet unpredictable at the same time. And her work is so well-researched; I swear she has a time machine. You hear, feel, see and even taste ancient Rome in her books.

6. Tell me about your next project.
My next project is the sequel to A Million Miles Away (#2 in the Angel Interceptors series). Unlike the first book, it will be a Romance with a fair amount of steam.

7. Romance is probably the most popular genre–why do you think that is?
My theory is that Romance isn’t just an escape for many people; it’s a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Romances let readers experience things from a safe distance and live vicariously through the characters. Sometimes you read a romance because you want to picture yourself in the main character’s place. Other times, especially with the super-angsty dramatic romances, it’s like a trip to Las Vegas – a lot of fun, but you don’t want to live there.

8. What tips do you have for other writers?
I recently saw a blog post by an aspiring author who said that she gets this horrible feeling of dread whenever she sits down to write, and the only thing that makes it stop is to close her word processor and play video games. I believe that people can overthink the process and make it into something much more intense and nerve-wracking than it really is. Eliminate all of the distractions, uninstall your games, put the headphones on, and commit to writing something every day. Even if it’s just a page.

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