FINISHED! (first draft, anyway)

I actually wrote my last word on my second book on Friday, but I felt like announcing it today. Journey to Landaran will be the first book of a five book fantasy series, featuring the adventurous twins Aidah and Tavish. Tavish is a Firestarter, and he tends to let loose with his emotions. Aidah is the quieter twin, and she’s been having strange dreams lately, and sensing other’s thoughts.

The book finished out at 119,000 words, which was about where I wanted it to be. I hope to trim it to 110,000 through editing. This will feel a lot smaller after my monster first book which started at a whopping 162,000 and was trimmed to 145,000!

Now begins the editing phase. My goal is to have this out some time in early 2014, but we’ll see how long it takes to get everything together. As my second full length novel (not including novellas), I’m feeling now like I’ve figured out how everything works, so that may speed up the process.

Now to start outlining Book 2 of the series!

P.S., anybody know somebody good at map-making? I need this series to have maps as there will be extensive travel to different countries.

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