New cover for Troll story!

troll 1 websiteFairy website2

So yay, got my new illustration and new cover for the “Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge” tale, now in the same branding style as the next Cathy Pembroke tale, “Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf.” I have some tiny tweaking to do, and then I’ll change the Troll cover and put up the fairy story for sale. Like my other short stories, it’ll be priced at $0.99 and be coupled with another short story to make it at least 7000 words long. (In this case it’ll be more like 12,000 words.)

The second tale, “Captured,” tells the story of a fairy who has been captured by human children, and her little plan to escape.


Walls surround me.  I can see through the walls; they are transparent like water, but as solid as stone.  I can’t escape to the sunny meadows and the sweet nectar-laden flowers.  I look up at the dark shape of a human hand and plead, “Let me go!”

“Look, Martha, I caught one!”  a great booming voice says.  Standing tiptoe against a blade of grass, I can see the source–a human, a boy.  He leans down and grins at me.  I retreat to the back of my prison, wings fluttering, green hair falling into my eyes.

“Oh, do be careful, Michael.  Don’t hurt it.” A second voice, a girl’s, rings out behind me.  I turn to see lacy folds of a petticoat before she kneels to look at me.

“Please, let me go,” I say.

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