Kristine’s Popcorn Kitten post

Oopsie. I looked at my calendar today for this week’s “Author Interview” and realized that somehow I had failed to schedule a writer for today!

No fear, however. I just read an amazing post by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, whom I consider to be one of my mentors in having a successful writing career. She was traditionally published for a long time, but has now decided that for print novels indie publishing is better.

Go and find out why in her latest post.

Between her posts and her husband Dean Wesley Smith’s posts, I’ve learned a ton about what is happening in the publishing world from writers who are straddling both sides. It’s also been interesting reading guests posts by other hybrid traditional/indie writers on Joe Konrath’s blog.

All I can say is that anyone who wants to seriously be a writer should be looking at the blogs of other writers who have been around for years.

There’s a lot you can learn.

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