Getting paid to write

I just have to announce that after a little break from technical writing during the Recession, I’m back! The last four years I had to get a job in education as as academic counselor–not a bad job, but also not one that pays much. Just yesterday I received a job offer that will pay me twice as much doing what I already love:  writing. Yes, it’s technical writing, but it’s still something I love. I did it for years as a consultant before my government contracts ran dry with state budgets in crisis.

So yay!

Meanwhile, I’m down to about 3000 words to go on my second novel, Journey to Landaran. I’m also about to publish the second Cathy Pembroke tale, “Fairies At Fisherman’s Wharf.” I have my draft cover here, thanks to an artist in Thailand who did the fairy, Pasunna Zacrifa:


I’ll also be commissioning a new cover for the first Cathy Pembroke story, “A Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge” using the same artist. I love DeviantArt–one of the best places to find artists from all over the world with really reasonable commission rates. I’ll probably wait until I have the new cover for “Trolls” to roll them both out at once.

One response to “Getting paid to write

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