Book Review: Never Trust Your Cell Phone (and other short stories)


Title:  Never Trust Your Cell Phone (collected of short stories)

Author: Carla Anne Acheson

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genre: Literary

I don’t tend to read a lot of literary fiction–I had my fill of it in college as an English/Creative Writing major. That being said, I do enjoy short stories at times, particularly in horror, science fiction, or speculative fiction a la Twilight Zone or Kurt Vonnegut.

This book is an anthology of seven short stories, ranging in topic and length. My favorite was definitely the story upon which the anthology is named, “The Plane Trip.” This story in fact so reminded me of a particular Twilight Zone movie scene, and I wonder if that was the inspiration. I also enjoyed “A Pocket Full of Sunshine,” “Pausing for Thought,” and “Yin and Yang”. I didn’t like “The Hollow Man” or “Is That Normal” as much–they were rather depressing, and acted more as character studies or abstract thoughts than true stories.

The writing is intensely personal and emotional, mostly in 1st person. I could totally see Alana Morrisette writing songs off of some of these because they are about relationships, the good, bad and ugly. There is a somewhat dark tone to everything. (Reminds me of my poems).

I read this anthology while on the plane, and I’d say that’s the right sort of setting for a series of short stories–it makes for a quick reading. The stories have no true connection to one another, but again that theme of relationship is what binds the book as a whole. Even the last story is about a relationship, a conversation. It just doesn’t end the way the protagonist expects.

Overall I thought this was a decent read. The last story was the best and stood out the most for me. I’d give it three and a half stars out of five.

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