Author Interview: Graham Krak


This week’s interview is with new writer Graham Krak, who offers a stunningly beautiful book above, entitled Drunkards and Flagons. Despite the rather ominous cover, this is a humorous fantasy book. You can find details on Goodreads here:

1. How did you come to write a novel?

I’ve always been a keen writer and have dabbled in many different areas, from poetry, to shorts, to RPG modules. I sat down and wrote Drunkards and Flagons when the idea crept into my mind one night.

2. I see that you write a mixture of fantasy and humor. What led to you writing this genre?

Well fantasy has always been one of my favourite genres but it can be a little heavy going, I decided I wanted to create something that didn’t take itself too seriously, easy going with an injection of humour.

3. Who do you think has had the greatest influence on your writing style, and why?

I’ve always enjoyed reading Pratchett, his wit and comedy timing have always been superb. Again when you’ve been reading something heavy going like Game of Thrones, excellent as it is, It’s great to sit down and read something funny.

4. Tell me about the book. What kind of reader would it appeal to?

Well it’s aimed towards late teens to adults who enjoy reading some high fantasy with a twist. There’s definitely a hint of Hunter S in there, add a touch of Pratchett, some Krak and you end up with an adventure like no other.

5. What will you be working on next?

I’ve just finished the second part of the Drunkards and Flagons series, so I’ll be preparing that for publication. I’m also working on a Dystopian novel which I’m making some fair progress with, humour for the time being has been left out of this one.

6. Who is your favorite writer, and why?

That’s a tough one as I read various different genre and I have a few favourites; Hunter S Thompson, Phillip K Dick, Terry Pratchett, Tolkien, Weis and Hickman. I like them all for their individual voices, styles, genre and again for me it all depends on what kind of a read I’m after at the time . That didn’t really answer your question but I’d be here all year trying to make a decision

7. What do you hope to get out of publishing your first book?

The only thing I hope to get out of publishing is having other people reading my work and enjoying it. That and the satisfaction of knowing it‘s out there.

8. What did you learn in the process of self-publishing?

Self-publishing has taught me that the easiest part of the whole process is the writing, self- promotion, getting noticed in the thousands of books and getting reviews is the by far and away the hardest part of the whole thing. It’s worth it though to know people are actually reading what you’ve put out there and are enjoying it.

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