Author Interview: Armand Rosamilia


This week my interview is with Armand Rosamilia, who has written a number of horror books. You can find him either at Goodreads at or at his website: . Enjoy!

1.  What made you decide you wanted to be a writer?

My mom’s vast horror paperback collection when I was a kid. At 12 I was reading all of her Dean Koontz books, and she read 4-5 books a week and I tried to keep up. I did a project in school around this age and said I wanted to be a writer. I should have wished for rich and famous writer, though.

2.  Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

All around me. I am a people watcher, and like to make mental notes of conversations and mannerisms and odd people. Especially when I’m in Walmart.

3.  You seem to like zombies a lot. Any particular reason why?

They are very cool. I actually worry more about the survivors and how they interact in the zombie apocalypse than how they combat the undead. I like seeing normal people in stressful situations and seeing what they do when faced with adversity. And zombies are cool.

4.  What drew you to the horror genre? What else interests you, and why?

Like I said, I’ve been reading horror for the last 30+ years. It is my absolute favorite, but I also read a ton of non-fiction books, especially biographies. I like some fantasy, and love thrillers and contemporary fiction.

5.  Tell me about your latest book out.

Tool Shed is a horror novella (released by Angelic Knight Press) centering around a guy who inherits his grandfather’s farm. His grandfather was charged with the grisly Tool Shed Murders, but there might be something else going on…

6.  Who is your favorite writer, and why?

H.P. Lovecraft. The mood he set in his stories are amazing, and something I’d love to emulate someday. I have a series of Lovecraftian short stories, the “Keyport Cthulhu” story arc, and they are set in present day in a real creepy town, and I tried to give them that mood he was so brilliant at.

7.  You’ve written quite a few books. Any tips on being prolific?

Set a daily goal. Don’t worry about the big picture and 50,000 words… worry about the 2,000 word daily goal you set each day, and in 25 days you’ll get there.

8.  What will your next project be?  Tell us about it.

I am getting away from horror for the next one. It is a contemporary fiction series called Flagler Beach Fiction Series, and it is set in the real beach town I sit and write in. There will be 10 print books, and each book will have 10 short stories set in a specific real landmark in Flagler Beach. The first book will be set in Kokomo’s Café, where I write my 2,000 words each day.

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