Author Interview: Peggy Holloway


This week I’m interviewing Peggy Holloway, who writes mysteries as well as science fiction and fantasy. She has quite a few books out–check them out!

You can find her profile on Goodreads here:

  1. What first inspired you to write?

I used to watch Murder She Wrote and think, “That would be the perfect life, to be able to live in a small town and write mysteries.”  At the time, I was living in Houston and working as a geophysicist.  I also had a novel that had been running around in my head for about thirty years.  After retiring, I moved to a small town in Florida and decided to see if I could write that novel.  I had only just started writing when the characters took over and I have not been able to stop.  I have written fourteen books and the ideas keep coming.  I love it.

2.  I see that you have a mystery series out. What do you love most about mysteries?

I love mysteries, especially those with many twists and turns, where you keep thinking you have it figured out and you never do.  I think it’s my scientific and mathematical background that makes me want to figure things out, whether it’s a mathematical problem or a mystery.

3.  Unique settings are often a hallmark of mysteries. Why New Orleans?

I lived in New Orleans for four years, when I worked for Gulf Oil.  I fell in love with that town.  It has so much character.  I love the people, there is such a wide range of cultures.  I love the food. There is no food like it anywhere.  I love the buildings, I love the music.  Hell I love everything about it.

4.  Tell me about your latest book.

My latest book is called A Life of Confusion and is my memoirs.  When I turned seventy, I decided it was time to write it.  It was the most difficult book I’ve written so far.  When I finished it, I wasn’t sure whether I would actually publish it.  Then when I got it published, I was afraid someone would buy and read it.  It is not for virgin eyes.

5.  Other writers have come into writing later in life. How do you think your life experiences have helped you as a writer?

I didn’t know, before I started writing, that the experience would be so emotional.  I have experienced just about everything that my characters have and I cry for them, I laugh with them, I get angry at them.  By the time you’re my age, unless you’ve lived your life in a nunnery, you have had so many experiences that you will never run out of material.  I was alive during the sixties and can describe what that was like, for example.

6.  Who is your favorite writer, and why?

My very favorite author is Nelson DeMille.  I like all his books because I can feel what he’s describing.  He writes a lot about Vietnam and I think he must have been there.  When I read his books, I am there also.  Now that I’m an indie author, of course I only read other indie authors.  The favorite one I’ve read so far is Susan Fleet.

7.  Tell me about what you’re working on next.

I’m working on another mystery entitled, “She’s Gone.”  It’s about a six year old girl who is taken from a train.  It should be out by this summer.

8.  Some writers believe you should use different names for different genres. I see that besides mystery, you’ve written time travel and other things. Do you think there are advantages to having everything under one name, and why?

I write and publish under my own name.  I never thought about using any other name.  I can’t think of a reason to use different names.  Catherine Coulter, one of my favorite authors, uses her name for her FBI series and for her romance novels.  I can’t think of any advantages to using more than one name.  Life is complicated enough as it is.

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