New Fantasy Novella: Dreams and Constellations


Out today!  Only $1.99 for a decent length Novella with elements of paranormal romance and fantasy.

When dreams and reality collide, Iona must discover whether the universe is sending her a message . . . or she’s going crazy.

Mayan temples. Psychology classes. And an annoying young man who won’t leave her alone.

As her dreams plummet into darkness, Iona must make a choice, whether to trust another or not.

Her life just might be in the balance.

By day, Iona Mendoza is a college student at the University of Arizona, studying psychology and trying to avoid Justin Tabers, an annoying fellow student. By night, however, she is the daughter of a Mayan priest, being forced to marry against her will before the neighboring kingdom attacks her city. As the danger escalates, Iona begins to encounter issues in her real life–or are the dreams more real?

She must figure out the mystery before war comes to her dreams and possibly takes away both her futures.

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