Book Review: The Goddess’s Choice

Book:  The Goddess’s Choice

Author: Jamie Marchant

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Reliquary Press

Rating:  5 stars

I don’t give five stars lightly, but I really felt this book deserved this rating. I understand it’s a retelling of a fairy tale, but I wasn’t familiar with the original tale. You don’t need to be familiar with that to enjoy this book. It’s a classic fantasy in every sense of the word with a brave hero, a daring and confident princess, a depraved villain, and magic horses. Who doesn’t like magic horses?!

Robrek makes the long journey from poor peasant boy to the knight trying to save a kingdom. While I enjoyed his journey, what made this book particularly good was the other journey, the journey of a princess who must do everything in her power to save her kingdom and the people she loves. Samantha has the unenviable role of trying to solve mysterious murders, deal with a king who has gone mad, and find for herself a suitable consort in order to take the throne. There is enough intrigue to keep things interesting, and of course a love story as well.

I received a copy of this book before it was published but it took me a while to read it. I see that it seems to be doing pretty well, and I want to add that while this book was either small press or indie press published, the editing is smooth, and the writer knows what she’s doing. This is absolutely of the same quality as any large press book.

I look forward to seeing what else Ms. Jamie Marchant has in store.

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