Results of three day free promotion with KDP Select

Well, that was rather disappointing, frankly.  Across six countries there were a total of 450 free downloads of my book Heart of the Witch. I haven’t seen any sales bump whatsoever, although I have received word from about four people on Goodreads that they would do reviews, so that’s nice. A few surprises–I did as well in Germany as I did in the UK (46 vs. 48 downloads for each). And I had 21 downloads in Japan, which was also more than I expected there. I spent a total of $15 for listings, appeared on seven websites, but none of the really big ones like PixelofInk, because I didn’t have enough reviews. This promotion in part was to garner some more reviews. If I do get four or more reviews, I will count it as a success there.

The highest I hit was #1,375 overall in free downloads on and #18 in free epic fantasy. The highest in Germany was #400 overall in free downloads and #2 in YA Magic, Fantasy and Science Fiction. I also hit #2 in the same category in Japan.

One other thing I learned in looking at my cover against other in the top twenty is that I need to muddle a little more with the lettering because you can’t read the title or author in the itty bitty thumbnail size. I’ve played with it and will be uploading new covers soon.

So overall, a learning experience. I know others have spent more money to get on more websites, but I think I’ve just come to the conclusion that this book isn’t going to have a mass appeal and will remain a niche market item. Time to get focused on finishing my next project. Estimated to be completed in 10,000 words or less!

(current words to date this year, 16,449)

2 responses to “Results of three day free promotion with KDP Select

  1. Thanks for writing about your Kindle and ebook publishing experiences.

  2. I hope you get some good reviews from the downloads you did get! Don’t let it get you down. You never know what could happen from here.

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