Review: Loose Ends – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery


Title:  Loose Ends – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery

Author: Terri Reid

Genre:  Mystery, Paranormal


While I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, I also have a soft spot for comedic mysteries and suspense. One of my favorite writers in this is Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series. Part mystery, part oddball humor, they’re a lot of fun to read.

So is Terry Reid’s book, Loose Ends.

The concept is actually one that I tried to write many years ago in college–a woman who can see and talk to ghosts being called upon to investigate their murder. Now normally you might think that  ghost knows who killed them, right? But of course the event of a murder is typically horrific, and so it washes away part of their memory. Thus the mystery.

There’s nothing like a bit of romance mixed in with mystery–oh and of course, also having someone trying to kill you. Although I haven’t read a ton in this genre I have seen this particular trend, and it works. It’s funny, sexy, and thrilling all at the same time. I also like a heroine who is tough and determined but also fallible and imperfect–bonus points for being clumsy. In this case, Mary O’Reilly isn’t precisely clumsy, but it’s hard to walk in a setting seeing through a ghost’s eyes. She can’t walk through walls.

There are a lot of the Mary O’Reilly tales published right now, and I’ll probably end up buying and reading more of them. At a cheap $0.99 for a good long novella, it’s a great deal.

Bring on the ghosts!

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