Review: Quickened, by Robert Fluegel


Title:  Quickened (The Master of Book Series)

Author:  Robert Fluegel

Pages: 241 (digital)

Published by: Amazon Digital Services


I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.

This is a time-honored plot–boy likes to read books, boy falls into world of books, adventure ensues. While this may be a simplistic base, there’s actually a good deal of complexity to the way Mr. Fluegel brings things about in this first book of what will obviously be a series.

Thomas Travers is the main character, and as a typical scrawny adolescent, when he ends up in a Native American tribe having to fight off an enemy tribe, he’s understandably unprepared. A lot of the book deals with the growth of this character from scared little boy into a young man ready to deal with a real world crises for which he is partially responsible. I thought the book had a good, satisfying ending while still leading the reader towards the next in the series. If it’s one thing I hate, it’s not having an ending as a way to pull the readers to the next book; it frustrates and infuriates me. I’m thankful that Mr. Fluegal didn’t use such gimmicks, but gives the reader a fully satisfying story.

There were a couple moments of awkwardness in the plot, but overall this book kept my attention. I’ve read books that felt like a chore to get through. Not this case with this one; it was highly enjoyable. I think this book would appeal to young adult as well as adult fantasy readers.

One last thing I noted was a very unusual decision from the writer regarding point of view. Everything in Thomas’s viewpoint is written in first person, while any other point of view is written in third. While this meant the bulk of the book is very immediate to the reader since it is about Thomas’s adventures, it became a little strange towards the end when we visit several viewpoints. I’m not sure if this was a strength to the book or not. Overall, it was well done, so this is mainly a footnote. The prose was clean, and while I could see it being tightened just a little more, for the most part the writing was very good.

Therefore, on a scale of one to five, I give “Quickened” four stars. I’m pretty stingy with the five stars, so this is actually quite good.

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