Review: Ever Shade by Alexia Purdy


Book:  Ever Shade

Author: Alexia Purdy

Genre: YA Fantasy (New Adult)

Published: October 2012 by Lyrical Lit. Publishing

Available:, Smashwords, more

There are a ton of new YA fantasy books out there, often featuring a teenaged girl thrust into a magical world with lots of cute guys who happen not to be human. (see Twilight). This book follows in that vein, but the twist this time is Faeries and the realms of Fae.

The world that Ms. Purdy has created is impressive. She has different kinds of faeries based on their elemental affiliation or powers, including the Teleen who are creatures of lightning, fire elementals, and changelings. What is also interesting is that the land of Fae is the real world; what humans see is only what they let us see. There are vast tracks of wilderness hidden by magic, so the distance from one city to another in California is actually hundreds of miles greater that what we know of.

I really like the world that Purdy has created. I think the greatest strength to her book is this world, and she does a good job of introducing and developing it. The rest of the novel is just okay–fairly cliche characters, straightforward plot, and an ending that wraps up a little too quickly and a little too neatly. The book is also in desperate need of professional editing.

It seems quite popular with readers, however, so there’s definitely something there. I think part of the appeal are the four or five male faeries featured in the book. I personally like Jack, who acts like an incarnation of Puck–he’s always chipper and can get you out of a bind. Teenage girls probably all like Dylan, who starts out as a grouch but then reveals by the end that he’s not such a bad guy.

It’s because I think there’s a gem hidden in there that the typos and grammar mistakes really irritate me. As indie authors we really need to abolish that stigma of self-publishing, that we’ve just thrown together a first draft and slapped a cover on it to sell to the masses. That’s what this looks like. We need to be professionals. Editing needs to be thorough, and words like ‘anymore’ need to be corrected. So because of the rich world but the lackluster language, I gave this three stars on Amazon.

As I said on my review there, I may check back with this writer in a few years to see what she has learned of the writing craft. She has plenty of stories left to tell.

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